We are the first law university in Nigeria.

The Rosenut team is dedicated to producing the finest legal practioners in Nigeria that would bring about a positive change to our society.

Our courses are carefully selected to ensure that all students that attend the Rosenut International Law University are at par with their western counterparts.
All lecturers are professionals in their chosen law speciality to ensure that all students are taught by seasoned professionals.
Our campus is highly condusive and technology driven. Students have access to high tech facilities to foster research and online collaboration.
Students that attend the Rosenut International Law University have the wonderful priviledge of becoming members of professional networks, thus increasing their professional opportunities.

The Rosenut International Law University is determined to produce the finest lawyers from Nigeria by exposing to them to a wealth of information, and business skills that would equip them for the highly competitive market.

All students are given a first hand experience and are taught using real life examples to prepare them for the new world that awaits them.